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Our Data Collection Network

To provide information about malicious activity on your network, we begin by collecting infrastructure data on the entire internet to answer the questions Who, What, Where, and When - Who's out there, What have they got, Where are they located, and When are they on the network. This includes BGP routing tables, IP block assignments, and AS paths in real time.

On top of this we layer transactional data collected from our network of listening posts across the internet. The Support Intelligence collection network captures a broad array of malicious transactions from spam to complex identity theft.

Aggregation of Partner Networks

On top of our own collection network we aggregate data from over 130 separate partner sources concerning hostile network abuse including major RBL's, researcher networks, security companies, ISP's, and registrars.

REACT looks at spam, viruses, worms, phishing attacks, malware sites, splog, denial of service, identity theft, route hijacking, open proxies, insecure web-servers, port scanning, name server and IRC abuse.

Analysis and Correlation

Intelligent trouble detection is built upon in depth analysis of collected data. By analyzing our millions of data points we are able to score and rank levels of suspicious activity and alert you to the most urgent security issues on your network.

Our correlation engine uses support vector machines and modern machine learning algorithms to analyze the observations in our database.


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